Our small farm, "Wombat Bottoms", is located near Laguna in the beautiful Wollombi Valley, north of Sydney. We grow an unusual citrus, "Yango Gold" Poormans Oranges, on the property along with a number of other citrus, other fruits and plants which we mainly sell to high end restaurants in and around Sydney. We also make marmalades, cordial and some other products from the fruit which we sell direct and through retail outlets. The house on the property is available for weekend and holiday rental.

For information on products, retail outlets, wholesale supply, rental of the house etc. please contact us on the numbers and addresses below. More information and links etc. will be included on the website shortly.

Peter Dryden and Elsa Payne

Contact Details
Dryden Food and Wine
30 Glenview Street
Gordon NSW 2072
Tel 612 9498 4372
Fax 612 9498 5582

Peter Dryden mobile 0438 984 372
Email: drydpayn@bigpond.net.au